About the Artist

My art is my life. It was given to me as a gift to share with all. Most know me as Antoinette, but most call me AmirA, my artist name since childhood. At a very young age I started with my art. I am a self taught artist and still learning everyday.

Nature inspires me and also trying new ideas and themes. Have been painting since the early 90's and after I worked as a draughtsmen for  years I took up the brush again to follow my dream.

Wildlife animals is a big favourite, like the Big five and especially the rhino and cat families. I use a lot of time for the eyes and the faces of animals. They must come to life when I am finished in oils. Birds are another species I love to paint. My animals are mainly in oils or acrylics.

For me oils gives more texture, especially when painting portfolio's of people or animals. Landscapes and seascapes I  paint in acrylics or oils. I tried my hand at water colours and really it's not an easy medium indeed. My other art style is 3D art, where I render art in 3D format. Many of my work was once a 3D creation and now on canvas. 

I don't use any outside influence on my creativity. This is why I have been able to create a style that is truly unique and recognizable as my own. I just love a challenge :-)